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Химическое оборудование из пластмасс. Газоочистка. Инжиниринг. Проектирование.

Horizontal Cross Flow Scrubber

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Horizontal Cross Flow Scrubber
Horizontal Cross Flow Scrubber В наличии
  • +7 (343) 382-50-44 +7 (343) 382-50-44
  • +7 (922) 158-99-70 консультация специалиста
  • +7 (343) 382-50-44 +7 (343) 382-50-44
  • +7 (922) 158-99-70 консультация специалиста

Horizontal Cross Flow Scrubber

We are manufacturer and supplier of Horizontal Cross Flow Scrubber made from SS or plastic. Horizontal Cross Flow Scrubbers are designed to minimize height for low-profile applications. The cross flow scrubber is highly effective for absorption of gaseous pollutants and can even handle moderate loadings of solids due to its flushing characteristics. The equipment configuration eliminates the need for interconnecting ductwork since the fan can be close coupled directly to gas outlet and access for maintenance is also convenient. For cases where more than one scrubbing solution is required, cross flow units can be arranged in series.

Plastic Cross Flow Scrubber:

Plastic Horizontal Cross Flow Scrubber  Cross Flow Scrubber  Plastic Cross Flow Scrubber

We offer range of PLASTIC Packed Bed Scrubber horizontal or vertical types that is manufactured with accuracy. Our entire product range is functionally advanced in nature and ensures durable standards. We offer them in varied grades and are delivered as per the exact preferences of clients. Moreover, we offer them at most affordable rates.

Design and manufacture of equipment from plastics such as uPVC, Polpyproylene High Densisty Polyethylene, PVDF and GRP.

Design and manufacture of Acid baths for the metal finnishing industries such as plating, galvanizing and anodizing.

Design, manufacture and installation of industrial ventilation systems. These include acid and toxic fume extartion, dust extartiona nd materials handling systems

Design, manufacature, instaltion and maintenance of air scrubbing plants. Scrubber technology incorporates the scrubbing of Sulphur dioxide, Hydrogen Sulphide, Nitrous Oxides, Hydroflouric acid, and non volotile acid mists. Our designs include chemical scrubbbing, mechanical scrubbing and biological treatment of odour and contaminanits. All designs include full process guarentee.

Design and installtion of piping systems. The welding processes involved are fusion welding, hot gas welding, extrusion welding, butt welding.

Horizontal Scrubber has been used within the Municipal, Industrial, and Metal Finishing markets. Plastic ecology gas cleaning.

OEM manufacturer plastic chemical equipment, plastic water tank, plastic scubber, plastic dgasss dagasator, plasti hood an e.t.c. Scientific calculations of process, heat and mass transfer calculation, We scientific enterprises with own plastic manufacture base in Russia, Ekaterinburg city.

Производитель   Машины и аппараты химических технологий
Тип промышленного фильтра по среде использования Газ
Страна производитель Россия
Материал корпуса промышленного фильтра Пластмасса
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Horizontal Cross Flow Scrubber Design and manufacture of equipment from plastics such as uPVC, Polpyproylene High Densisty Polyethylene, PVDF.
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