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Химическое оборудование из пластмасс. Газоочистка. Инжиниринг. Проектирование.
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Air Pollution control equipment


от 5 000 $

Air Pollution control equipment
Air Pollution control equipment
от 5 000 $
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Air Pollution control equipment

Our company specializes in calculation, design and manufacturing different types of Air Pollution Control Systems, which are also called as Scrubbers, Absorbers, Dagasators, Quenchers and are manufactured using technologically advanced procedures. These systems effectively control the emission of gases in various types of industries. This product range is also equipped with a feature to remove the gaseous contaminants and particulates from the exhaust systems installed in industries. Air Pollution control equipment - desing and manufacture plastic wet scrubber, absorber for remove pollutants from furnace fume, flue gas. NOx removal systems (Nitrogen Dioxide and Nitrogen Oxide) DeNOx. Flue Gas Desulfurization (FGD).

We are dealing in design and manufacturing of industrial Wet Scrubber System from plastic. We are manufacturer of Air Scrubbers and Gas Cleaning System. Manufactured to extract all types of dust particles, acidic fumes from air that is generated during different types of industrial operations. Owing to our industrial expertise, we are engaged in offering quality approved array of Air Pollution Control Systems.


Air Pollution equipment plastic OEM manufacturer  Air Pollution equipment  calculation, design and manufacturing different types of Air Pollution Control Systems 


  • PP
  • PE
  • FRP
  • PVC

Design and manufacture of equipment from plastics such as uPVC, Polpyproylene High Densisty Polyethylene, PVDF and GRP.

Design and manufacture of Acid baths for the metal finnishing industries such as plating, galvanizing and anodizing.

Design, manufacture and installation of industrial ventilation systems. These include acid and toxic fume extartion, dust extartiona nd materials handling systems

Design, manufacature, instaltion and maintenance of air scrubbing plants. Scrubber technology incorporates the scrubbing of Sulphur dioxide, Hydrogen Sulphide, Nitrous Oxides, Hydroflouric acid, and non volotile acid mists. Our designs include chemical scrubbbing, mechanical scrubbing and biological treatment of odour and contaminanits. All designs include full process guarentee.

Design and installtion of piping systems. The welding processes involved are fusion welding, hot gas welding, extrusion welding, butt welding.

Air Pollution equipment

We desing, calculade, drawing and manufacture scrubbers and filters for complex Air Pollution Control Systems. Gas purifying of ventilating exhausts from:

• Oxides of nitrogen NО, NO2 

• Dioxide of sulphur SO2

• Hydrogen sulphide H2S

• Chlorine Cl2

• Ammonia NH3

• Hydrogen nitrate HNO3

• Bonds of fluorine HF, SiF4

• Muriatic acid НСl, pair

• the Aerosol of sulfuric acid H2SO4

• Organic gases and steams of solvents


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Air Pollution control equipment scrubber, absorber, degases
  • Цена: от 5 000 $