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Скрубберы и фильтры для промышленной газоочисткиКупить
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Химическое оборудование из пластмасс. Газоочистка. Инжиниринг. Проектирование.

Nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions control DeNOx

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7 000 $

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Nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions control DeNOx
Nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions control DeNOx
7 000 $
Под заказ, 45 дней
  • +7 (343) 382-50-44 +7 (343) 382-50-44
  • +7 (922) 158-99-70 консультация специалиста
  • +7 (343) 382-50-44 +7 (343) 382-50-44
  • +7 (922) 158-99-70 консультация специалиста

Nitrogen oxides NOx emissions control DeNOx

Ruduce NO, NO2


Nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions control DeNOx scrubber NO, NO2

In our scrubbers solutions are injected directly into the aspiration gas, which breaks down to chemically reduce the NOx to clean nitrogen gas.

Nitrogen dioxide is the chemical compound with the formula NO
2. It is one of several nitrogen oxides. NO
2 is an intermediate in the industrial synthesis of nitric acid, millions of tons of which are produced each year. This reddish-brown toxic gas has a characteristic sharp, biting odor and is a prominent air pollutant.[4] Nitrogen dioxide is a paramagnetic, bent molecule with C2v point group symmetry.
Safety and pollution considerations

Nitrogen dioxide is toxic by inhalation. However, as the compound is acrid and easily detectable by smell at low concentrations, inhalation exposure can generally be avoided. One potential source of exposure is white fuming nitric acid, which spontaneously produces NO
2 above 0 °C. Symptoms of poisoning (lung edema) tend to appear several hours after inhalation of a low but potentially fatal dose. Also, low concentrations (4 ppm) will anesthetize the nose, thus creating a potential for overexposure.

There is some evidence that long-term exposure to NO
2 at concentrations above 40–100 µg/m3 may decrease lung function and increase the risk of respiratory symptoms.[8]

Nitrogen dioxide is formed in most combustion processes using air as the oxidant. At elevated temperatures nitrogen combines with oxygen to form nitric oxide:

    O2 + N2 → 2 NO

Nitric oxide can be oxidized in air to form nitrogen dioxide. At normal atmospheric concentrations, this is a very slow process.

    2 NO + O2 → 2 NO2

The most prominent sources of NO
2 are internal combustion engines,[9] thermal power stations and, to a lesser extent, pulp mills. Butane gas heaters and stoves are also sources. The excess air required for complete combustion of fuels in these processes introduces nitrogen into the combustion reactions at high temperatures and produces nitrogen oxides (NOx). Limiting NOx production demands the precise control of the amount of air used in combustion.

Nitrogen dioxide is a large scale pollutant, with rural background ground level concentrations in some areas around 30 µg/m3, not far below unhealthy levels. Nitrogen dioxide plays a role in atmospheric chemistry, including the formation of tropospheric ozone. A 2005 study by researchers at the University of California, San Diego, suggests a link between NO2 levels and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

Nitrogen dioxide is also produced naturally during electrical storms. The term for this process is "atmospheric fixation of nitrogen". The rain produced during such storms is especially good for the garden as it contains trace amounts of fertilizer. (Henry Cavendish 1784, Birkland -Eyde Process 1903, et-al)

Nitrogen oxide (NOx)  scrubber

We are a full-service design and manufacture firm specializing in the design, engineering fabrication, and construction of: manufacturing facilities; operating processes; acid, chemical, and waste recovery systems; and environmental control systems. Our design and build expertise is in the following applications:

    Fume Scrubbers & Exhaust Systems from plastic
    Gas/Acid Absorption Systems
    Bulk Storage Facilities and plastic Piping Systems
    Wastewater Treatment Systems from plastic
    Plastic reactors with mixer
    Plastic air pipe, plastic aspiration
    Plastis acid air filter
    OEM plastic chemical equipment manufacturer

OEM manufacturer plastic chemical equipment, plastic water tank, plastic scubber, plastic dgasss dagasator, plasti hood an e.t.c. Scientific calculations of process, heat and mass transfer calculation, We scientific enterprises with own plastic manufacture base in Russia, Ekaterinburg city.

Scrubber: fabrication manufacturer of plastic gas purification scrubber in Russia

    Acid Gas Scrubbers
    Acid Scrubber
    Acid Scrubber Systems
    Acid Storage Tank
    Air Ducting
    Air Scrubbers
    Air Ventilation Ducting
    Ammonia Scrubber
    Axial Fans
    Axial Flow Fans
    Axial Ventilation Fans
    Biotrickling Filters
    Centrifugal Plastic Fan
    Chemical Mixing Tanks
    Chemical Storage Tanks
    Chlorine Dioxide Scrubber
    Chlorine Gas Dry Scrubbers
    Chlorine Scrubber Systems
    Chlorine Scrubbers
    Co2 Scrubber
    Custom Plastic Tanks
    Dry And Wet Scrubber
    Exhaust Ducting
    Fume Cupboards
    Fume Extraction Ducting Systems
    Fume Hood Ducting
    Fume Scrubbers
    Gas Scrubbers
    Industrial Plastic Fan
    Industrial Thermoplastic Fans
    Industrial Ventilation
    Industrial Ventilation Systems
    mixing tanks
    NOx Scrubber
    NOx Scrubber
    NO2 Scrubber
    Odour Control - Gas Scrubbers
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    Pipe Fabricators : Plastic
    Plastic Axial Fans
    Plastic Axial Flow Fans
    Plastic Blower
    Plastic Custom Fabrications
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    Plastic Fertiliser Tanks
    Plastic Fertilizer Tanks
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    Polypropylene Fans
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    Scrubber Design
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    Ventilation Systems : Extraction Ventilation System
    Welded Plastic Fabrications
    Wet Air Scrubbers
    Wet Fume Scrubbers
    Wet Scrubbers

Our engineers specialize in environmental solutions. We offer a flexible engineering process and comprehensive technical capabilities to fully design and manage the build of your pollution control systems.

Air pollution control equipment. Wet plastic scrubber design for remove gases pollutants from vent air.


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Скрубберы - Аппараты для очистки газов от оксидов азота NO, NO2 Nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions control DeNOx scrubber
Тип промышленного фильтра по среде использования Газ
Очистка от оксидов азота NO, NO2 бурый газ Nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions control DeNOx scrubber
Nitrogen oxide Аспирация аффинажа и улавливание лисьего хвоста оксидов азота NO, NO2
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